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Intentt is a no-code builder for your conversational applications.

Imagine a world without onboarding and a learning curve - just direct access to features. You say it - you get it.

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I'm looking to add a feature for managing job posts. Got it! Here's the suggested scope of this feature: your team will be able to create and manage job posts that consist of job titles, descriptions, requirements, benefits, and any other piece of information that is relevant to a job post. How does it work for you? Sounds great! Perfect! Let's add this feature to your application.

Conversation is becoming the new UI

Millions of users use conversation-first products like GPTs, Midjourney, Amazon Alexa, and apps built for Slack and Discord.

Made for teams and founders

Intentt is a no-code conversational platform for building conversation-first applications. Apps created with Intentt understand and execute user intentions expressed in natural language, making every interaction simpler, faster, and intuitive.

  • MVP prototyping

    Speed up creating the MVP of your product by simply describing what it does. Skip the hassle of drag-and-dropping of UI components and database setup, and focus on bringing your idea into reality.

  • Full-stack SaaS applications

    Create fully functioning SaaS products where a conversation lets your users reach their goals quickly and intuitively by telling the product what they need to achieve.

  • Field workers software

    Field workers operate under conditions where a conversational UI saves the most time, eliminating the need to navigate through screens. Let your users complete their tasks in seconds.

Made for building internal tools

  • Back-office and admin panels

    Intentt empowers non-technical users to quickly create any back-office tools for easy management of internal operations.

  • Custom CRMs

    Create your custom CRM to manage your prospects, current customers, and their needs exactly as you need it.

  • Supply chain and vendor management

    Create custom tools for your supply chain operations and vendor relationship management.

  • New talent and employee management

    Optimize new talent onboarding and manage employee happiness. Create a system that fits your HR processes perfectly.

  • Resource planning systems

    Optimize your resources with a tailored planning system. Ensure your operations are well managed, and resources are utilized effectively.

  • Logistics processes tracking

    Gain comprehensive control over your logistics operations with a custom tool.

Create products that get it

Apps created with Intentt understand and execute user intentions expressed in natural language, making every interaction simpler, faster, and intuitive.

User onboarding without the learning curve

Create software your users can start using instantly, without the need to learn the UI. This lowers the entry barrier to your products and features, ensuring fast adoption and improved retention.

Hello, I'm your new custom ATS app! 👋 I'm here to make finding the right people for your open positions faster and easier. You can count on me to post job offers, organize applications, and even set up interviews. Ready to make your job a little easier? Let's find some amazing people for your team. How can we start today? I need to create a job offer for a new open position in our administrative department.

Efficiency at its core

Eliminate the endless navigation through screens. Conversational designs lead to quicker actions, speeding up task completion and offering a smoother user journey.

I need a new bug ticket, we have about 20 users reporting a slow dashboard this morning, it takes over a minute to load

Certainly, here's the suggested content.

Subject: Slow Dashboard Performance Affects Work
Description: The CRM dashboard takes over a minute to load. The issue started in the morning on 04.08, there are 20 user reports.

Would you like me to assign this ticket to the Dashboard team?

Flexible workflows for every use case

Apps not bounded by UI are perfectly personalized by design. Let your users perform workflows in the way that suits them best without being limited to an interface that supports only one generalized use case.

Please update the draft invoice I created for customer Jane Doe yesterday, she requested some additional services. Of course! Please tell me what kind of additional services the customer requested, and I will update the invoice. She ordered an extra duct cleaning service.

Simply describe what you want to build

Intentt itself is a conversational product. Build your software fast by describing its features in your own words. No more tedious drag-and-dropping of UI components or defining database schemas.

Hello, welcome back to Intentt! What would you like to build today? Create a feature for conducting weekly pulse surveys. Include questions focusing on work-life balance, team dynamics, and job satisfaction. Ensure anonymity for respondents and provide an option for open-ended feedback.