Our mission

Intentt is a conversational app builder that enables the creation of full-stack web applications with conversational UI on the front end. Apps created with Intentt understand and execute user intentions expressed in natural language through a conversational UI. This approach removes the complexity of navigating through traditional graphical interfaces, allowing for a simple, fast, and intuitive user experience.

We’re creating Intentt because we see an opportunity to embrace the capabilities of LLMs to change how people interact with software. Our mission is twofold. We want to promote the easiness of interacting with software through a conversation, avoiding overwhelming users with complicated graphical UIs. And we want to encourage others, from founders to large enterprises, to take part in this advancement by taking advantage of our no-code solution.

The problem with traditional graphical user interfaces

We claim that the majority of products with traditional UIs are too often broken beyond repair. It is particularly evident in complex web and mobile applications, such as ERPs, back-office tools, CRMs, and other SaaS products, and especially in products that have evolved over many years. Often, these platforms are pieced together by tens of different product teams changing the software at the same time. We know this leads to tech debt, but this also leads to an enormous degree of UX debt. Over time, those products suffer from an ever-increasing feature creep. It’s a systemic flaw, not a lack of skill, that sooner or later comes to nearly every piece of software.

Why are traditional user interfaces so often detrimental to the user experience?

They are difficult to navigate. Users have to constantly learn the interface, which increases the entry barrier to products and is also an ongoing issue for users when new features are added. Over time, the interface has to be explained to the end user, often through piles of help articles and extensive documentation that are difficult to maintain and keep updated.

It takes extreme skill and effort to maintain the correct information architecture and ensure that newly built features and interactions follow the same UI patterns and offer a consistent experience. Nearly all products will sooner or later fail at this, and the software will start confusing and overwhelming the end user.

Finally, software built with a traditional UI can never be fully personalized. No application built this way can fully meet the workflows and expectations of each user; it always has to find common ground to support one generalized use case that never fully reflects the actual needs.

The solution is a conversation

Everywhere where the traditional graphical user interface is cumbersome to navigate and detrimental to the overall user experience, an intention-based UI drives focus and effectiveness of interacting with software.

Intentt is a no-code app builder that allows founders and businesses to create fully functional, full-stack applications with the conversational, intention-based UI on the frontend, and the custom-design backend built through our no-code solution. Our mission is deeply rooted in our motivation to leverage the emerging AI technology to drastically change the way people interact with software. Instead of tiring the user with complex UIs and forcing them to navigate through endless screens, dialogs, and UI components, we want the user to use their natural language to achieve their goals. We want the user to interact with the software by expressing their intentions and not get slowed down by what can or can’t be found by clicking around.

If each interaction with software happens through a conversation, then the product can offer an endlessly personalized experience that caters precisely to the individual workflows and mental models of each user.

The entry barrier to each product can be lowered basically infinitely because the user never has to learn how to navigate through screens and pages to find the feature they need, they can talk to the software to perform the task. This also greatly increases the efficiency of using the product - by not having to manually click through screens and components, the user can communicate the need or command without any needless hustle.

Finally, when all graphical distractions are eliminated, interactions based on conversations bring clarity and focus. We want apps created with Intentt to foster a clutter-free working environment.

And we want to bring the same conversation-based approach to the process of building applications. Our no-code solution is based on the same philosophy - our makers should be able to create their products by expressing their intentions, describing what problems their products solve, and what goals their products should allow achieve their end users. We want this creation process to be as far away from drag-and-dropping different UI components as possible. As the maker, whether you’re a founder, an agency, or someone from an already existing business, you should not be burdened by figuring out the best way to design your application. All you need to do is bring your domain knowledge to the table and transform it into a working product that solves real-life issues in almost no time. And we want Intentt to be your gateway to that.